Sunshine Valley Daycare is located in the Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church building at Winnetka Avenue and Highway 55 in Golden Valley.
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Sunshine Valley Childcare is an outreach program of the Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church. Established in 1967, Sunshine Valley has provided quality early childhood education for generations. We are honored to continue to serve our community with quality care for children and families. We are licensed by the State of Minnesota Department of Human Services and accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. This website was designed to give you a quick overview of our program. We welcome you to visit us and would love the opportunity to show you the magic that takes place within our program each and every day.

Smiling student on a riding toy. Coloring is rewarding.. That smile says it all.
Sunshine Valley Childcare, 7600 Harold Avenue, Golden Valley, Minnesota 5542 Phone 763 545 6906

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